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Gluten Free 3 Grain Pancakes Recipe….So delicious!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Ok, breakfast being my favorite meal of the day, Adrienne, my fiancé introduced me to these wonderful, tender pancakes a few years ago and they are now my go-to pancake when I am in need of a fix. I converted these to gluten free and my bet is whomever you serve […]

Rack of Pork with walnuts, orange and rosemary

This recipe was made at the Celebrated Chefs Alumni Summit in Chicago by my class of Celebrated Chefs, Chef Michael Foley, Rhys Lewis, Charles Wiley, Suzette Gresham – Tognetti and myself. It was a true honor to be picked by the pork industry to represent them and there growers. I serve center of the plate pork entrees in all of my restaurants […]

Winter Paradise Butternut Squash Soup by Adrienne Novak

We’re in the midst of another polar vortex here in the Midwest and I am feeling compelled to make big pots of soup! I find making soup warms the soul as much as eating it warms the body. It’s a gratifying process that I have always loved and on this snowy day I welcomed the […]

Cider braised pork steaks with apples, onion and garlic

Loving pork as I do, I thought I would share this recipe that I stole from a friend and tweaked when I lived in Pittsburgh. This friend of mine made a similar dish but was breaded like schnitzel and fried and served with the apple and onion mixture. I had these pork steaks and thought […]

Pumpkin Bisque……..Is it fall already?

I went into the grocery store today to pick up a couple of things and when I walked into the produce department the first thing I saw were PUMPKINS! Suddenly my brain was screaming, NO, NOT YET! Where did the summer go? It has just dawned on me that fall is less than two weeks […]

Carolyn Coleman Richardson’s Texas Chili

A little Chili history for you……………. Chili Queens From the article by Linda Stradley, from the website: What’s Cooking America 1880s – San Antonio was a wide-open town (a cattle town, a railroad town, and an army town) and by day a municipal food market and by night a wild and open place. An authoritative […]

Linguini with White Clam Sauce…. So easy, so delicious!

Living on the coast has its rewards. Like fresh seafood, especially oysters and clams. I have been digging clams, gathering oysters and crabbing for Blue Crabs ever since I was a kid. Clams are easy to dig and you can have enough for dinner in no time. Clams seem to grow in groups so when […]

Gluten Free Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cake

  OK folks, here is a really ridiculous and decadent cake that I sometimes make when I have chocolate junkies or gluten free friends in town and begging me to make them something chocolate for desert. It is kind of like eating a soft and gooey fudge. I use a large spring form pan but […]