Pomegranate Spritz

Eric discovered Hop Wtr this fall and we have been having so much fun creating mocktails using the ...

Orange Berry Iced Tea

When the air is sticky hot and finding a spot of shade is the main mission, front porch sittin' just got even more in...

Hot Buttered Rum

January is National Hot Tea month which seems appropriate when winter's icy chill permeates the pores. A mug of somet...

Lemony Gin Refresher

A refreshing combo of sweet, sparkly, crisp & herbal! Ingredients 2 slices cucumber, plus more for garnish 2 par...

Gluten Free Blueberry Sauce

Blueberries keep in the freezer so well and this sauce utilizes them straight from the cold coffer to create a sublim...

Fruit Cup Tea

There’s just something about a cup of hot tea. It’s comfort you can hold in your hand. It warms. It soothes. It resto...

Fruit and Herb Infused Water

Refreshing, fruit and herb-infused water is the perfect quencher as Spring sun beams once again brighten our world an...
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